Victorian Bath House Venue Hire EC2

Victorian Bath House Christmas Party EC2

Victorian Bath House Venue Hire EC2

Victorian Bath House Christmas Party EC2

Victorian Bath House Christmas Party EC2

Victorian Bath House Venue Hire EC2

7-8 Bishopsgate Chruchyard, London, EC2M 3TJ
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Liverpool Street
Type of events
Seated dinner90
Outside space100

Victorian Bath House Venue Hire EC2

In the heart of busy London sits a fascinating venue – The Victorian Bath House.

A curious and unexpected establishment now in the employ of Messrs. Camm & Hooper, purveyors of events both occidental and impressive. At your request, our humble services are yours to command for a variety of occasions and entertainments. Step into a world transcended from the tribulations of the modern lifestyle at the Victorian Bath House.

From our secluded Victorian Courtyard, offering intimate and exclusive pleasures through to the splendid interior of the Grade II listed Bath House proper, this is a unique venue beyond compare. Featuring design from the esteemed Russell Sage Studio, the original tessellating mosaics and crimson pillars are preserved amongst features modern and marvellous.

With the able support of our team of event managers, dedicated and assured in their work, the Victorian Bath House will accommodate some 150 guests. All elements necessary for the most lavish of occasions are on hand, including proprietary cocktails in pre-infused Kilners and a house menu designed from period inspirations.

The Victorian Bath House was erected in 1895 to house a Turkish Bath. The Grade II listed building has withstood World War II, I.R.A attacks and office redevelopment projects in the surrounding area. Russell Sage Studios have ensured that the buildings historical features have been preserved while enhancing the opulence and sophistication of the original décor.

  • Bespoke packages on request
  • Sample package
  • Venue Hire
  • DJ
  • Cocktail or Fizz
  • 3 Course Menu or Standing Equivalent
  • 4 Hours unlimited house beer/wine/soft drinks

£130pp (ex VAT/Service) starting price

Security not included in package

Further information

Effortlessly Enchant Your Diners in Sumptuous Style

Where exclusivity and dining elegance is sought, the Victorian Bath House will satisfy. Reserved for your sole use, this intimate venue extends an experience previously unfound in the beating heart of London. Adaptable enough for canapés and conversation or the formalities of a black tie affair, a uniquely memorable occasion is assured.

All essential supporting elements necessary to imbue your occasion with delight are pre-planned in advance for the accommodation of forty to ninety for dinner, or twenty to ninety for lunch.

At your request, details such as authentic kitchenware and period decanters are all effortlessly aligned to enhance your evening’s libation to its profound fullness. A style unexpected and perpendicular to the ordinary, our preference is to wander from the norms of conventional dining rooms into territories full of antiquated splendours.


Excite your Guests in a Venue like No Other

The Victorian Bath House presents a truly unique space. Step down into a building that cannot fail to capture the imagination and wonder of your reception, complete with secluded alcoves and perfumed finery. A location this splendid and opulent is unheard of in the throes of the London’s Old City.

Our venue will be at your behest in its entirety, with exclusivity for your group of between thirty or one hundred and fifty standing guests throughout an event’s duration. Every detail of the establishment is carefully curved around your desires. A triplicate of bars, heavy drapes and authentic period furniture provide a backdrop of authentic Arabic splendour to any occasion.

Meet with our esteemed retainers to plan your perfect evening’s entertainment. Each aspect is decided in advance, ensuring that your reception soars beyond your wildest expectations. Elements of cocktails are infused prior to your party, never leaving guests wanting and our kitchen runs with timing precise to deliver sumptuous restaurant style dishes.



Make a Statement at the Victorian Bath House

Looking to host a professional business meeting with a touch of style? When a touch of presence and authority is vital to your meeting, the perfect backdrop can be found in the Victorian Bath House. Exclusive, secluded and unique, such a venue is unheard of in the confines of the City of London.

Sometimes a meeting benefits from a sense of occasion. Reward your partners and peers by holding your AGM, away day, workshop, breakfast meeting, team building exercise, company board announcements or briefing at the Victorian Bath House. Impress without restraint in the lavish and ornate surrounds of the downstairs room, where you are free to command every element of the service. With the facility to entertain between twenty and ninety guests this venue is flexible enough to be both intimate and grandiose.

No measure is too small for us, your hosts, to meet with the most exacting satisfaction. All supporting equipment is supplied to your specification, ensuring that any presentations are warmly received by all in attendance. At your requests, sustenance in the form of refreshments and even a full period lunch menu can be provided



Mark your Moment in Timeless Style and Opulence

No matter the occasion, the splendid Victorian Bath House will adapt to your every need. Proffering unparalleled exclusivity, this unique establishment within the confines of Bishopsgate Churchyard serves your interests alone for the duration of your engagement. When the desire is celebration, this venue is without equal.

From rambunctious birthdays through to sentimental anniversaries, we spare no grandeur in creating the most lavish of parties. Immerse between thirty and one hundred and fifty guests seamlessly into a vista punctuated by Arabic motifs in splendid azure and crimson as you descend into the confines of this den of excellence.

Our Staff wait upon your every whim, accounting for the most exotic desire, from carafes of pre-infused proprietary cocktails through to sumptuous and indulgent. Guests are free to drape themselves in the secluded extravagance of our Victorian Courtyard or indulge in whispers amongst the alcoves of the interior.

In assurance of your event’s success, meetings are arranged to refine every element in advance. Always at your service, our pride is in translating your every single whim to the most exacting of embellishment and satisfaction.



Transported on a Eastward Breeze to our Victorian Courtyard

No matter the occasion or celebration, the Victorian Bath House extends the perfect location for your summer soiree. Sip our intoxicating elixirs upon the secluded dais as you and your guests gently slide into another world of splendour and intimate excitement.

Forgetting in moments that you are only mere footsteps away from the landmarks of the Square mile, the opulent atmosphere of the Victorian Bath House will at once entrance you. Even on the most disappointing of summer’s dusky eves, the authentic Arabic features of the underground alcoves resonate and overflow with a vibrant occidental energy.

Select sumptuous dishes of the house, sweetmeats and fancies, cooked to perfection on a charcoal grill. Cocktails designed upon your appetites and infusions concocted by our house mixologists will charm every palate in the party. Behind the sash curtains and pillars, tireless servants will translate your every whim into instant action, meeting every need with effortless accordance