Tower of London Venue Hire EC3

St Thomass Tower Suite set for a dinner party with round tables dressed in white linen open fireplace and historic decor Tower of London Venue Hire EC3
St Thomass Tower Suite Tower of London Venue Hire EC3

Martin Tower set for a private dinner with elegant glassware and floral centre piece with natural daylight and display cabinetTower of London Venue Hire EC3
Martin Tower Tower of London Venue Hire EC3

New Armouries Banqueting Suite set for a dinner with elegant glassware and floral centre pieces with round tables between oak pillars Tower of London Venue Hire EC3
New Armouries Banqueting Suite Tower of London Venue Hire EC3

New Armouries Meeting Suite set out in theatre style with chairs facing presentation facilities Tower of London Venue Hire EC3
New Armouries Meeting Suite New Armouries Boardroom Tower of London Venue Hire EC3

Tower of London Venue Hire EC3

Tower Hill, London, EC3N 4AB
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Tower of London Venue Hire EC3

The Tower of London is one of the UK’s most prominent and iconic landmarks, holding an important place in the history of the British monarchy for not only being the home to the Crown Jewels but also the royal holding site for prisoners and, for many, the site of their execution. If you’re looking for an unusual and show-stopping venue in London, steeped in history and elegance, the Tower of London can offer a perfect setting. Give your guests a truly unique experience with a private view of the Crown Jewels, a special Yeoman Warder tour or have them stand witness to the ancient Ceremony of the Keys.

The exclusive venue offers an unbeatable atmosphere, ideal for prestigious occasions in the heart of London. In addition the venue offers the rare opportunity to privately view the Crown Jewels, and view the fascinating ceremony of the Keys – a tradition dating back centuries. The venue has an exciting range of event spaces, suitable for a variety of events:

  • WHITE TOWER- The White Tower is the oldest part of the Tower of London and also the most imposing, built on the orders of William the Conqueror and intended to “overawe the citizens of London”. Nowadays it houses part of the Royal Armouries and is the perfect place to overawe your guests with a regal pre-dinner reception.
  • WAKEFIELD TOWER- A magnificent vaulted tower where Henry III held court, the Wakefield Tower has access to battlement walks which give stunning views over the River Thames and into the Tower of London and is a perfect choice for pre-dinner drinks on a summer’s evening. (May-Sept only)
  • ST THOMAS TOWER- St Thomas’s Tower is part of the Medieval Palace, situated over Traitors Gate and built by Edward I between 1275 to 1279 to provide additional Royal accommodation. The dining space has been re-created as the original bedchamber of Edward I and displays a grand bed and wall decoration. (May-Sept only)
  • ROYAL REGIMENT OF FUSILIERS- The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers was founded by George Legge, Constable of the Tower of London, under warrant from James II in 1685. There has been an Officers’ Mess on this site since Victorian times, and the silverware on display has been collected by the regiment since its foundation. The room also boasts original oil paintings and battle-standards and regimental colours. This arresting space is well suited to formal dinners, buffets and cocktail receptions.
  • MARTIN TOWER- This venue was the home of the Crown Jewels for nearly 200 years and the location of the 1671 attempt to steal the precious gems by Colonel Thomas Blood. Today the Martin Tower houses the Crowns and Diamonds exhibition and provides a unique, intimate dining space for up to 12 guests who receive the unique privilege of dining amongst twelve thousand diamonds!
  • JEWEL HOUSE- The Crown Jewels have been housed at the Tower of London since the early 14th century, and events in other parts of the Tower can be enhanced by a stunning pre-dinner or reception tour here to view them. The Jewel House can also be used for its own, truly sparkling, canapé receptions or sophisticated breakfasts.
  • NEW ARMOURIES BANQUETING SUITE- The New Armouries was built in 1663 as a storehouse for the extra weapons seized after the Civil War. It retains its original features which are lightened by slender columns and a stunning original wooden beamed ceiling. The space is ideally suited to large scale entertaining, hosting grand dinners or receptions.
  • NEW ARMOURIES MEETING SUITE- This light and airy modern conference suite on the second floor is well suited to smaller groups. With room partitions in situ, this floor also lends itself to a variety of room set-ups, with the added bonus of state-of-the-art audio visual equipment and internet access available if required.
  • NEW ARMOURIES BOARDROOM- Situated on the second floor of the building, this boardroom has amazing panoramic views on 3 sides of the Tower grounds and the River Thames.

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