Syon Park Venue Hire

Syon Park Venue Hire TW8

Christmas Parties, Summer Parties, Team Building, Exhibitions, Conferences, Meeting Rooms, Shared Christmas, Exclusive Venue Hire, Syon Park Venue Hire

Syon Park Venue Hire TW8

Christmas Parties, Summer Parties, Team Building, Exhibitions, Conferences, Meeting Rooms, Shared Christmas, Exclusive Venue Hire, Syon Park Venue Hire

Syon Park Venue Hire TW8

Christmas Parties, Summer Parties, Team Building, Exhibitions, Conferences, Meeting Rooms, Shared Christmas, Exclusive Venue Hire, Syon Park Venue Hire

Syon Park Venue Hire TW8

Christmas Parties, Summer Parties, Team Building, Exhibitions, Conferences, Meeting Rooms, Shared Christmas, Exclusive Venue Hire, Syon Park Venue Hire

Syon Park Venue Hire

Park Rd, Brentford, Middlesex
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Syon Park Venue Hire TW8

We think we have the perfect place for a couple’s special day – whether that is wedding, party or other occasion.

Syon is justly proud of it reputation for hosting wonderful celebrations. We hope that you will visit us and see the and fall in love with “This delicious place.”

The main season runs from April to mid-October each host some beautiful ceremonies, parties and receptions. Syon House offers the formal and majestic Great Hall (120 guests) or State Dining Room (50 guests) for civil marriage ceremonies – or indeed reaffirmation ceremonies. Post-ceremony drinks in the private Inner Courtyard with parterres of white & cream scented flowers, the Colonnade overlooking the water meadows or the State Apartments (if inclement).

During the winter months (November to March), it is still possible to host a civil ceremony with us – and do ask about intimate winter weddings for up 12 guests.

As the sun starts to fall in the sky, the guests follow the newly married couple in formal procession via the wooded, secluded Queen’s Walk to the magnificent Great Conservatory. Most spring and summer receptions take place in the Great Conservatory – starting after 5.30pm/ 6pm and running until midnight (with guests leaving by 1am). Adorned with palm, exotic flowers and trees, this stunning precursor to the original Crystal Palace can host 150 to 160 seated guests for dinner, or up to 200 for a standing buffet affair during the evening. Candles on tables and along pathways make for the most romantic of atmospheres – it truly is a fairy-tale setting. After dinner, guests can dance the night away.

As it is a working conservatory and glass building, the Great Conservatory is for evening (after the heat of the day) parties and ceremonies from April to mid-October each season. It is not offered for daytime hire or during the winter months.

Evening Receptions. You can opt to hire the Great Conservatory for an evening reception alone if you prefer. The venue is perfect for parties with between 50 and 160 guests for dinner and dancing. Alternatively for a standing affair, the capacity is 200 pax. Syon Park offers most evenings – with the exception of Bank Holiday Mondays.

The Walled Garden Marquee for larger parties & celebrations. Larger parties of 200 to 600 seated guests (or 800 for a standing affair), can be hosted the Walled Garden Marquee. This is a discreet bespoke party structure set in a private walled Garden to one side of Syon House – and available for hire from May to September each season, and run by our partners the Eventist Group. It has four acres of private gardens for the delight of your guests – and is also available for both daytime and evening events – and its own private carparking area.


Private Hire
Corporate Events & Entertaining » Summer Party
There is no denying that Syon comes alive in the summer. The Great Conservatory is perfect for a summer party, and music and dancing are encouraged. Each season the venue is offered drinks receptions, parties, dinners and private events every evening from April to mid-October. The venue can host between 50 and 160 guests for dinner, or 200 for a standing buffet affair. It has a relaxed, and yet sophisticated atmosphere, and is adorned with palms, exotic trees and flowers.

The Gardens in front of the building are laid out in a series of formal paths and yew bashes, with fountain sporting a statue of winged Mercury. This area is exclusive to Great Conservatory clients. The rear of the building gives out onto the lakeside lawns with access to the main gardens too. Viewing is strongly recommended. The hire of the venue includes a choice of interior or exterior lighting (such as coloured gels or pathway lanterns) to enhance an already stunning venue.

Corporate Events & Entertaining » Dinners
The sequence of sumptuous State and Private Apartments within Syon House were designed for leisure, pleasure and entertaining. The principal Floor of Syon House is offered most usually on an exclusive basis, and guests are welcome to view and enjoy the rooms, as well as having the option to have formal or informal tours.

The rooms most suitable for dining inside the House are the State Dining Room, the Great Hall and Duke’s Private Dining Room.

The State Dining Room can host up to 50 guests on one long spectacular table, or around 80 people on round tables. The Great Hall can host up to 120 guests on round tables. Both Robert Adam rooms are decorated in cool pale tones – and linked by the brightly coloured and vivid Anteroom. Adam remarked that instead of being hung with damask tapestry and soft furnishing, his plan was for the rooms to be “finished with stucco, and adorned with statues and paintings that they may not retain the smell of victuals” – hence they are welcoming and formal.

The grand scale and splendour of the Great Hall resembles the Imperial Rome of a Hollywood epic with its splendid black and white marble flooring, echoing the ceiling pattern and decorative stucco work. It was based on a Roman Basilica. Its purpose, even to this day, is to give welcome to the Duke’s guests.

The pinky-white and gold State Dining Room features marbles statues representing the mythological gods and goddesses of food and wine.

The Duke’s Private Dining Room is a wonderful option for an intimate dinner party of between 20 and 30 guests around the antique mahogany table, and is offered with the neighbouring Green Drawing Room for after-dinner coffee and relaxing.

The Long Gallery is the most elegant room in which to hold pre-dinner drinks with its magnificent views of the tidal watermeadow too. The State Dining Room and Great Hall can also be used for drinks. If the weather is favourable, guests are welcome to use the Inner Courtyard garden compete with its parterre garden, central fountain and perfumed white and cream flowers, before or after dinner. After-dinner coffee is usually served at table, or for smaller groups within the Green Drawing Room with comfortable sofas, roaring fire and grand piano.

Dancing is not permitted inside Syon House – but we can recommend acoustic musicians or entertainers to enhance your evening.

The Great Conservatory is offered for summer evening dinners with dancing from April to mid-October each year. This unique historical glass building is set in the Pleasure Grounds – and works for parties with between 50 and 160 guests seated for dinner – or up to 200 for a standing drinks reception. Pre-dinner dinks are served on the formal lawns in front of the venue, with the Cactus House and arm areas being used in inclement weather. We are pleased to have hosted some excellent parties here: the venue is elegant, classic, and relaxed. Ask the team about using Syon House and the Great Conservatory together for a summer celebration too.

Food and drinks are supplied by your choice of caterer from Syon Park’s excellent approved list. It is a condition of hire that clients choose from this list. All the approved caterers are experienced party planners.

Corporate Events & Entertaining » Parkland Events
From time to time for very special events, it is possible to hire the larger open green spaces – the Lime Avenue, The Helicopter Field (around 13,000 square metres), the Twenty Acre/Farmer’s field (approximately 100,000 square metres), the enclosed Wilderness or the South Lawn. Some of these areas have hard standing, good access to water and fibre-optic broadband – although none have power. These areas are suitable for grand balls, exhibitions/trade shows, conferences, fashion shows, teambuilding and other events – but not usually for weddings, concerts and the like.

We like well-managed, creative events – and we are definitely open to interesting ideas. Every event is considered on its own merits, and facility fees are calculated on an individual basis.

Syon offers a number of wide open green spaces for teambuilding activities – such as meadows, Helicopter Field. Twenty Acre field, South lawn or the Pleasure grounds. It is possible, using trusted Syon suppliers – or indeed to bring your own choice of company, to arrange for a range of fun activities to help you build your team, or perhaps offer some diversion from a meeting. Some are more traditional country pursuits – whilst other are more “contemporary” – and they can be more leisurely or can have a bit more of a competitive edge. For example, ideas for outdoor pursuits are:

Laser clay shooting Crossbow
Duck herding
Dog handling
Segway course

Corporate Events & Entertaining » Meetings
For business clients looking for quiet, discreet rooms for meeting or perhaps training, Syon House is pleased to offer the newer Northumberland Room. For executive boardroom meetings, the Private Apartments offer a more formal choice too. The State Apartments too are a popular choice for lectures or presentations.

The Hotspur Wing. This newly refurbished wing of Syon House offers the ultimate in luxury for a small board meeting or awayday event. Think Downton with a modern twist. Antique furniture sits side by side with the very best of modern design. Ever wondered what it would be like to live in a stately home and be looked after by a house butler? This is your opportunity. The Hotspur Wing comprises dining room for 12, billiard room, drawing room and snug and hallway – along with five double ensuite bedrooms and a further small sitting room. Helicopters can land at the Estate – or luxury cars can be arranged to transport delegates discreetly. Please ask for details.

Northumberland Room. Away from the grandness of the Principal Floor, the Northumberland Room is situated on the ground floor of Syon House and benefits from level access, abundant natural light and comfortable private surroundings. In times gone by it would have been used as a servant dining hall. Now carpeted and heated, it can host up to 70 people theatre-style or between 10 and 30 guests boardroom-style. It features artefacts and pictures on the fascinating history of Northumberland House – not least a stunning marble fireplace. It has a wall mounted screen for presentations and good Wi-Fi access. Lunch can be served in the neighbouring Alnwick Room – or in summer, guests have the option to take lunch in the Colonnade or Inner Courtyard garden.

Private Apartments. These beautiful interconnecting rooms offer a more formal choice for a meeting. The table in the Duke’s Private Dining Room comfortably hosts 24 guests for a boardroom-style executive meeting – with refreshments being offered in the Green Drawing Room with its comfortable sofas and chairs.

State Apartments. The State Dining Room and Great Hall are always offered together. One can be used for the main event – and the other for registration and refreshments. Both rooms can host up to 120 guests theatre-style or around 50 to 70 cabaret-style.

Further information

Corporate Events & Entertaining » Winter Events & Christmas
During the winter months, the options are more limited – as this is the time of year when most of our conservation and maintenance work takes place.

Formal dinners. Not all of our rooms are heated too – we only offer the ones that are, for obvious reasons! Syon House offers its Private Apartments for formal seated dinners for up to 30 guests, or the State Dining Room for a dinner party with 80 guests. This is a very good option for a formal stately affair. Dancing and amplified music are not permitted in Syon House, but it would be possible to hire perhaps a magician, a pianist or perhaps a jazz trio to entertain your guests.

Syon House has been home to the family of the Duke of Northumberland for over 400 years. The house is named after a medieval abbey Syon, named so after Mount Zion of the Holy Land that previously occupied the site. The Syon abbey was dedicated to the Bridgettine Order established in the C14th by the Swedish mystic St Bridget. It was one of the last great abbeys to be built and dissolved by King Henry VIII in 1539. In 1547 King Henry VIII’s coffin was brought to Syon on its way to Windsor for burial. The coffin burst open during the night and in the morning dogs were found to be scavenging at the remains- this was believed to be a divine judgement for the King’s desecration of Syon Abbey.

Following the destruction of the abbey, the land became the property of the Crown and was put into the possession of the 1st Duke of Somerset. The Duke built Syon House in an Italian Renaissance style between 1547 and 1552 when the Duke was executed. Following the Duke’s execution, the house was acquired by John Dudley. In 1557 the Roman Catholic Mary Tudor recalled nuns to re-establish the abbey at Syon but this was short lived as the Protestant Queen Elizabeth came to the throne in 1558. In 1594 Henry Percy the 9th Earl of Northumberland acquired Syon house and the family has lived at the house ever since.