Natural History Museum Christmas Party

Natural History Museum Christmas Party

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Earth Galleries with birds eye view of the escalator moving up into a globe and up lighters surrounding the room Natural History Museum Christmas Party SW7
Natural History Museum Christmas Party

Christmas Parties, Natural History Museum Christmas Party, Conferences, Meeting Rooms, Shared Christmas, Exclusive Venue Hire, Celebrations, Venue Hire

Hinzte Hall with red uplighters and round tables decorated with extravagant floral decor Natural History Museum Christmas Party SW7
Natural History Museum Christmas Party

Christmas Parties, Natural History Museum Christmas Party, Conferences, Meeting Rooms, Shared Christmas, Exclusive Venue Hire, Celebrations, Venue Hire


Natural History Museum Christmas Party

Natural History Museum, Cromwell Road, London
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South Kensington
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Seated dinner200

Natural History Museum Christmas Party SW7

Create a magical backdrop to your event with The Earth Galleries, a celestial event space in the heart of the iconic Natural History Museum.

Dine amongst the stars at the dramatic Earth Halls this winter and enjoy a festive theme like no other. A seasonal setting has been inspired by the venue’s awe-inspiring centrepiece, a magnificent globe which sets the scene for extraordinary events. Vast slate walls envelop the space, creating a celestial atmosphere with constellations and space themed decor. Initial impressions are extraordinary as guests are greeted by the spectacular sight of the Museum’s vast globe, setting the scene for an unforgettable evening. Interior decor tells a story of the past. The Halls are surrounded by precious artefacts, from moon rock and metals to fluorescent minerals. The effect is completed by 18 metre high slate walls which have been etched with images of the night sky to create a truly magical atmosphere.

Alternatively for larger parties, the venue’s Hinzte Hall, featuring the venue’s infamous giant Diplodocus skeleton, as well as its soaring Romanesque arches, huge stone staircase and gilded ceiling panels, strikes awe into all those who enter.

With a dedicated event manager on hand to help you plan every aspect of your event this venue is perfect for your Christmas party! Give your guests a night to remember at one of the most iconic Christmas party venues! The Office Christmas party will be the talk of the town if you hold it in this stunning and unique venue.


Hintze Hall, with it’s grand entrance way, soaring Romanesque arches and magnificent stone staircase, is the most dramatic and iconic space in the whole Museum.
The hall’s large capacity makes it a popular space for dinner dances, awards ceremonies, fashion shows and private events.

Guests enter through the spectacular main entrance, where the splendour of the Hintze Hall is revealed. A drinks reception can be held in one of the adjacent galleries – Fossil Way or Dinosaur Way.

Depending on the number of people and the type of event, you can also hire adjoining galleries for your guests to explore.

Dinner: 600
Reception: 1,200
Dinner – combined with adjacent North Hall: 850
Reception – whole Museum with Hintze Hall as the central venue: 3,000

Immerse yourself and your guests in the rich history of the Museum with an event in the beautiful North Hall.

After entering through the contemporary Darwin Centre and exploring the extraordinary exhibits in the Mammals gallery, guests are taken to a traditional dining space in the North Hall.

The Victorian architecture and impressive galleries make this the perfect place to soak up the Museum’s grandeur.

This space is available to book at short notice, but has limited availability.

Dinner: 250
Reception: 400

Fossil way, part of the Waterhouse building, has beautiful architecture and some of the most complete fossils of prehistoric sea animals in the world.
Guests can dine with a view of the giant sloth and next to fossils that have inspired stories of sea dragons. From the gallery there is direct access to the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition, a perfect add-on for guests to explore.

Fossil way provides a beautiful space for a pre-dinner reception, for guests moving into Hintze Hall. This space has limited availability.

Dinner: 200
Reception: 500

The Images of Nature gallery explores how artists and scientists view the natural world through historic prints, watercolours and modern images.

This combination of old and new will be mirrored in your event. Guests will arrive through the modern Darwin Centre entrance, pass by the fascinating Spirit Collection area, then enter the Images of Nature gallery.

The traditional Waterhouse architecture provides a beautiful and intimate setting for the evening.

Dinner: 80
Reception: 150

The celestial map adorning the walls of Earth Hall provides a beautiful backdrop to the Museum’s giant metal Earth sculpture.

The most intact Stegosaurus fossil ever found take pride of place in Earth Hall, at almost six metres long.

Your guests will be surrounded by remarkable objects that tell the story of our planet and solar system, including moon rock, precious metals and fluorescent minerals. These specimens tell their own stories of Earth’s chaotic past.

The Earth galleries can be added to your event to provide a unique pre-dinner drinks experience or to increase capacity for a reception. Your guests will travel through the Earth sculpture to galleries such as Volcanoes and Earthquakes and Earth’s Treasury

Dinner: 200
Reception: 400
Reception in Earth Hall and Earth galleries: 800

Beyond the most complete Stegosaurus fossil in the world and through the impressive Earth sculpture, guests can find the Volcanoes and Earthquakes gallery.

Once inside there are plenty of exhibits to explore as well as film footage and the famous earthquake simulator. The size and shape of this gallery make it a great fit for drinks receptions, providing guests with fascinating specimens to view and discuss.

Reception: 200

The Darwin Centre offers a contemporary canvas for a multitude of events including summer parties, drinks receptions and formal dinners.

Steel beams and reflective glass, together with the white limestone floor and curved concrete walls, provide a bright and modern event setting. The opportunity to explore the Cocoon is an extra treat to any event.

The courtyard provides a tranquil setting for a summertime party or drinks reception with the additional space of the atrium inside.

The state-of-the-art Attenborough Studio has a capacity of 60 people and can be used for press conferences and presentations, followed by drinks and canapés in the courtyard.

For event organisers looking for something a little different, the Darwin Centre can also be used as an entrance to Hintze Hall.

Dinner: 150
Reception: 350

Further information

The Natural History Museum has a worldwide reputation for hosting stunning and memorable events.

The magnificent Hintze Hall reopened in 2017 with a huge blue whale skeleton at its centre. Grand and luxurious, it’s our largest venue, with a reception capacity of 1,200 people.

A Stegosaurus welcomes guests to the impressive dinner space in the celestial Earth Hall, while the versatile Darwin Centre provides a more modern venue for guests to enjoy the evening outdoors.

For more intimate events, we recommend including a tour of one of our galleries, such as Earth’s Treasury or Images of Nature, or a visit to the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition to impress your guests.

Planning your event with us
By choosing the Natural History Museum you are booking much more than an iconic venue.

We can can offer many options to enhance your event. Arrange a tour or talk with a world-leading Museum scientists based on our extensive collections, add a behind-the-scenes package, or plan a unique teambuilding activity to create a memorable experience for guests.

The Museum has won accolades for its environmentally-friendly practices and sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. We even evaluate the environmental performance of our suppliers and contractors as part of our commitment to sustainable events.

By hosting an event at the Museum you are directly supporting our work to preserve the collections for the future, inspire the next generation of scientists, and promote our vital research into the big challenges facing our planet.