8 Northumberland Christmas Party WC2


8 Northumberland Christmas Party WC2
8 Northumberland Christmas Party WC2

8 Northumberland Christmas Party WC2
8 Northumberland Christmas Party WC2

8 Northumberland Christmas Party WC2
8 Northumberland Christmas Party WC2

8 Northumberland Christmas Party WC2

8 Northumberland Avenue, London
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Charing Cross
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8 Northumberland Christmas Party WC2

Christmas Parties at London’s Most Central Venue

Firstly there’s definitely a magical forest growing and we’ve seen with our own eyes the wild mushrooms that are growing everywhere and witnessed the team handpicking these for the starters.

We then definitely saw a tense conversation going on between a Professor and a Lady wearing a peacock feather dress – it seemed they were speculating about some of the other mystery characters we’ve also seen around the space, especially in the Billiard Room.

Intrigued? Find out more about what’s growing in the Ballroom and the intrigue and mystery developing in the Old Billiard Room and Annex.

You can take it for granted that your  Christmas party at London’s most central venue (did you know their less than one minute from Trafalgar Square?) will be a ball. Our team is fizzing with creativity, devising elegant, original and seamless events so you don’t have to – just book, come, and enjoy.

They cater for parties from a hundred to a thousand guests, from standing receptions to sit down lunches and dinners. Choose this venue for your Christmas party

Your event always takes centre stage in our flexible spaces, whether it’s a large conference or an extravagant awards night.

Exceeding expectations come as standard at London’s most central venue. From technology and production to food and event management, our partners provide the very best service and draw from a long history of exceptional events in London.


In our central London location, we’re proud to run many Christmas dinners come December. Our passionate and expert team polish glassware, add the finishing touches and open the grand doors every evening to this wonderful Christmas dinner venue. We adore seeing guests return each year, so pleased they are with the space which is ideal for a grand and impressive dinner.

We’re often asked, as a central London Christmas party venue, to accommodate large receptions for up to 1000 people and we adore nothing more. As canapés are circulated by our wonderful food and drinks partners AlchemyLive, guests feast on these as they enjoy the evening. Each year we welcome so many familiar guests, testament to how wonderful our Christmas reception venue is, how slick the service is and how well the space works for festive celebrations.

As a Christmas Lunch venue we believe we excel as once guests step within the space and are enveloped within the atmosphere they’re swept up into the buzz of the party. Not only do we run a great party, be that formal or just fun, our lunches are very competitively priced to offer the best value at a busy time of year. Our team expertly serve delicious lunches, so much so that we often welcome the same guests back each year as they can’t wait to be wowed once again.

Celebrate the festive season at 8 Northumberland and see why we are one of the Christmas Party Venues London is talking about.

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Christmas is one of our favourite times of year and at 8 Northumberland Avenue, we start planning well over a year ahead, devising the themes for our central London location as soon as possible. Each year we research into Christmas parties in London and what we can design that will stand out and ensure that our clients that return year on year continue to be wowed. We run parties each night from dinners to receptions, holding 100-1000 guests and as a result, we know how to run a brilliant event.

Described by English Heritage as ‘the grandest example of a Victorian ballroom in existence’, The Ballroom at 8 Northumberland Avenue is the jewel of the venue. The high ceilings, impressive chandeliers, grand columns, stained glass windows and ornate detailing all ensures that your event will not be forgotten. Hidden behind its classic looks the Ballroom also boasts cutting edge intelligent lighting and 3D holographics ensuring you never have to compromise.

The Ballroom 700

The Old Billiard Room and Annex are the most adaptable of our central London venue spaces. The combination of white walls, mirror details and subtle architectural touches create the perfect blank canvas spaces.
Celebrate the festive season at 8 Northumberland Avenue and see why we are one of the Christmas Party Venues London is talking about.

The Old Billiard Room 500